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September 28, 2004


Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Ellen Coin recently
ruled that jurors consuming alcohol, smoking
marijuana, snorting cocaine and falling asleep
do not constitute an "outside influence" on jurors.

The Top 5 Signs a Jury Is High

    1. They run out of notepads every half hour because everyone's drawing fairies.

    2. They request a transcript of the defendant's testimony, a Dark Side of the Moon CD and a DVD of The Wizard of Oz.

    3. Once again, they're deadlocked: half Oreos, half Cool Ranch Doritos.

    4. During the expert forensics witness's testimony, someone blurts out, "Slow down, egghead!"

      and the Number 1 Sign a Jury Is High...

    5. The response to "Have you reached a verdict?" is "Yes, we have, Uranus."

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  • Anne Sholl, Myrtle Beach, SC -- 1, 5 (4th #1)
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  • Brad Wilkerson, Mesa, AZ -- 3
  • Wayne Kierstead, West Linn, OR -- 4
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  • Danny Gallagher, Tyler, TX -- Runner Up list name Website
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  • Joni Mitchell, Ft. McLeod, AB, Canada -- Ambience   (explanation)

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