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September 7, 2004


Former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth has moved to
Manhattan and is training to become a New York City
emergency medical technician. He hopes to complete
his EMT training and be working by November.

The Top 5 Signs You're Being
Rescued by David Lee Roth

    1. Diagnosis: sprained ankle.
      Treatment: medicinal marijuana. For him.

    2. The jaws of life? His actual jaws.

    3. You might have changed your mind and come in from the ledge if it weren't for his "advice."

    4. One look at the tiger-stripe scrubs and you decide it's time to run toward the light.

      and the Number 1 Sign You're Being Rescued by David Lee Roth...

    5. "Oh-no-no, Jamie's dyin'!"

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