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Monkeys always look.
September 2, 2004


Tennessee resident Michael P. Monn's recent birthday
celebration went a little awry when he was arrested
while drunk, nude and covered with nacho cheese.

The Top 5 Excuses for Being Drunk,
Naked and Covered With Nacho Cheese

    1. Because getting stoned in a hot pink "Home of the Whopper" boy-kini while standing ass-deep in mango chutney would be WRONG!

    2. Eight Jaeger Bombs into the kegger, that babe from Omega House just *had* to ask, "So why do they call you Chip?"

    3. After being ostracized from your party after that screaming incident, you really didn't have that much to lose politically.

    4. Trying to beat Courtney Love to the punch.

      and the Number 1 Excuse for Being Drunk, Naked and Covered With Nacho Cheese...

    5. You'd prefer *sober*, naked and covered with nacho cheese?

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