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July 17, 1996

The Top 5 Signs You're Not at the Real Olympics

    1. Crack open that gold medal -- it's Choc-O-Licious!

    2. 10-meter platform dive replaced with tire swing competition.

    3. Alpha Theta fails in bid for fourth consecutive gold medal in distance vomiting.

    4. Winner of the long jump? Not Carl, but *Emmanuel* Lewis.

      and's Number 1 Sign You're Not at the Real Olympics...

    5. Basketball halftime score: Klingons 35, Romulans 32.

Selected from 183 submissions by 54 contributors.
Today's Top Five List authors were:

  • Wade Kwon, Birmingham, AL -- 1 (3rd #1)
  • Lloyd Jacobson, Washington, DC -- 2, 5
  • Alexander Clemens, San Francisco, CA -- 3 (Rookie!)
  • Matthew Miller, Tuscaloosa, AL -- 4, Topic (Rookie!)
  • John Voigt, Chicago, IL -- 5
  • Lee Oeth, San Diego, CA -- 5
  • Chris White, NY, NY -- Listmeister

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