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June 10, 1996

The Top 5 Rejected Barnum & Bailey Circus Acts

    1. Ten Drunk Clowns and One Mighty Frightened Monkey!

    2. Mrs. Irma Morgan and Doll-Baby, Her Amazing Trained Pekingese

    3. The Royal Lipizzaner Cattle

    4. Jim Bob and the All-Nude Barnyard Revue

      and's Number 1 Rejected Barnum & Bailey Circus Act...

    5. Tom, the Man Who Burns to Death (today only)

Selected from 60 submissions by 19 contributors.
Today's Top Five List authors were:

  • Greg Bell, San Diego, CA -- 1
  • Alan Smithee, Sugar Land, TX -- 2
  • Doug Johnson, Santa Cruz, CA -- 3
  • Meredith Ogden, Ithaca, NY -- 4
  • Duncan Carling, San Francisco, CA -- 5
  • Chris White, San Diego, CA -- List moderator

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