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June 7, 1996

The Top 5 Indications Your
Family May Be Dysfunctional

    1. You *finally* get your work published in a major newspaper and your rat-bastard brother sics the Feds on you.

    2. Instead of saying grace before dinner, father reads a passage from Penthouse Forum.

    3. Thanksgiving Dinner consists of Wild Turkey instead of roast turkey.

    4. Didn't make today's Top 5 List? Dad holds ya, Mom beats ya.

      and's Number 1 Indication Your Family May Be Dysfunctional...

    5. No more sunny breakfast nook now that kitchen is a meth lab.

Selected from 92 submissions by 28 contributors.
Today's Top Five List authors were:

  • Greg Sherwin, San Francisco, CA -- 1
  • Doug Johnson, Santa Cruz, CA -- 2, 5, Topic
  • Caroline Gennity, Queens, NY -- 3
  • Bruce Ansley, Baltimore, MD -- 4 (Hall of Famer)

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