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April 12, 2006


Now about that big big BIG surprise I promised...

Our Little Fiver lists FINALLY have
homes of their own on the Web.

We've got 24 different Little Fiver websites,
with a total of over *5,000* top "10" lists!

And you can find them all right here:

Hours of work-avoiding fun! Bookmark that sucka!

We're also moving this week's classic list to
Thursday so we can finish up our NEW classic...

The Top 5 Rejected Children's Books About Death
(Part II)

  1. It's the Grim Reaper, Charlie Brown!

  2. Tom Swift and His '76 Ford Pinto

  3. Curious George Goes to the Morgue

  4. The Bumperstain Bears

    and the Number 1 Rejected Children's Book About Death...

  5. Heather Has Two Mommies -- One in a Vase on the Mantle and the Other on Death Row

Our ClubTop5 members get to see the entire
16-item list, plus much MUCH more.

Join today!

Selected from 178 submissions from 64 contributors.
Today's Top Five List authors were:

  • Trish Jensen, Reedsville, PA -- 1 (Woohoo! 1st #1!)
  • Danny Gallagher, McKinney, TX -- 1 (14th #1) Website
  • Gordon Sherman, Camp Slayer, Baghdad -- 2
  • Sandra Hull, Arlington, VA -- 3 Website / Hall of Famer
  • Dennis Koho, Keizer, OR -- 3 Website / Hall of Famer
  • Dave Oberhart, Durham, NC -- 3 Website
  • David G. Scott, Kansas City, MO -- 3 Website
  • Tom Stoudt, Fort Washington, PA -- 3 Hall of Famer
  • Stephanie Shiner Thompson, Brainerd, MN -- 3
  • Donald Junter, New Haven, CT -- 4
  • Gretchen Stille, Brookfield, IL -- 5
  • Paul Wiley, Westtown, NY -- 5
  • Jeffrey Anbinder, New York, NY -- Topic
  • Tristan Fabriani, Passaic, NJ -- Banner Tag
  • Chris White, Los Angeles, CA -- List owner/editor Hall of Famer
  • Some Girls, San Diego, CA -- Ambience   (explanation)

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