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Eats lists and leaves.
April 4, 2006


We have a new Little Fiver list to announce today:

Top5 WTF!

Top5 WTF will send out weekly lists on a wide
variety of topics that don't really fit into
any particular category. Strange, obscure, quirky,
unusual, peculiar, oddball topics will be the norm.

Sign up today for Top5 WTF (or any of our Little Fiver lists)!

On to today's list...

U.S. federal agents who busted a marijuana ring were
disturbed to find pot-laced candy and soft drinks that
bore labels such as Munchy Way, Pot Tarts and Toka-Cola.
The TopFive grocery stockers have added a few more...

The Top 5 Marijuana-Laced Food Products

  1. Phish Sticks

  2. Little Doobie's Snack Cakes

  3. Chef Boyarweed

  4. Spliffy Pop

    and the Number 1 Marijuana-Laced Food Product...

  5. No Way That's Butter, Man, Because Butter's Like Yellow and Slimy, and Weed Is Like Green and Flaky!

Our ClubTop5 members get to see the entire
20-item list, plus much MUCH more.

Join today!

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Top5 Bomb

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