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Help! I'm a prisoner in Chris White's basement!
March 25, 2005

The Top 5 Signs Someone
You Know Is on Steroids
(Part I)

    1. Last time Grandma bounced you on her knee, you wound up with a deviated rectum.

    2. Your daughter's basketball skills are nearly as impressive as her new-found ability to pee standing up.

    3. That "Mark McGwire" with 15-1 odds in the third race at Churchill Downs? Not a horse.

    4. Torn between his fear of drowning and his desire for a vacation, Daddy lands a hook in Maui and drags it closer.

      and the Number 1 Sign Someone You Know Is on Steroids...

    5. Given the huge head, volatile mood swings and teeny testicles, he's either juicin' or he's a 6-month-old.

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