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That's another loan lost to TopFive!
March 9, 2005


Men's Health magazine recently named Ft. Wayne,
IN, as the country's dumbest city -- just barely
beating out Newark, Las Vegas and Corpus Christi.

The Top 5 Signs Your City's Not So Bright

    1. City Hall is located at the intersection of Jessica Simpson Blvd. and Britney Spears Ave.

    2. As the citizens of Poopyturd Falls will attest, you'd better make sure some legal safeguards are in place before you decide to resolve a budget shortfall with that "rename our town" gimmick on eBay.

    3. Your mayor gets re-elected running under the campaign slogan, "Bitch set me up!"

    4. To improve the town's image, the population unanimously voted to change the name from "Skanksville" to "Skanksburg."

      and the Number 1 Sign Your City's Not So Bright...

    5. City Council just granted an Indian Gaming license to a business consortium from New Delhi.

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